About Lafferty Architecture


Committed to the creation of vibrant places where citizens are drawn into community

Lafferty Architecture, formed in 1997 by Henry H. Lafferty, AIA, LEED AP, is located in Winston Salem, NC.  Areas of emphasis include adaptive reuse, historic preservation, residential design, commercial architecture and planning.

Clients value the attention given to the numerous details from programming and conceptual development through permitting and construction to project completion.

● Design expertise in a variety of project types
● Managed project delivery
● Management of the design process

Buildings are without intrinsic life but provide a stage for the unfolding of life.  To focus on buildings without considering the life taking place in and around them is to miss the purpose of architecture.  Even buildings that are unquestionably beautiful objects in their own right require life to appreciate and celebrate them.

The true purpose of architecture is to provide places of becoming for humankind.

“The city is a collection of places;
An organization –
Places for
Places constructed by humanity for humanity.
A place of living and of becoming.”
  Henry Lafferty – January 1984